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Important Info!:
We are having difficulty getting rubber for the molds for our polyurethane kits parts that can reproduce parts in a consistent manner. (We think manufacture has moved to China with catastrophic results.) As a result, the polyurethane versions of our kits are no longer available. In the mean time, we working as fast as possible to move our entire kit line to injected molded styrene. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Welcome to Foothill Model Works’ online rolling stock kit catalog! To learn more about each of our individual rolling stock kits, click on the links listed below. See our working with polyurethane page to learn more about working with polyurethane. See our painting polyurethane page to learn more about painting polyurethane.

A PDF of our Structure and Rolling Kits, Detail Parts, and Catalog Reprint order sheet can be downloaded here: FMW_OF.pdf.

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Detail Parts

Regarding our car kit line:
  • We proudly sell only complete car kits; including trucks, wheels, and couplers. Partial kits (less trucks, wheels, or couplers) are not available.

  • As a convenience for our volume customers, we offer 6 packs of some of our kits. 6 packs are six complete kits of the same car kit and gauge (i.e. 6, On30, 20′ Flat Car kits), packaged in one box, with one set of instruction sheets. Combining 6 different car kits together as a “6 pack” is not allowed.

NCNGRR Rolling Stock Kits

West Side Lumber Co. Rolling Stock Kits

Proto-Freelance On30 Freight Car Kits & Parts

Proto-Freelance On3 Freight Car Kits

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