Re-Gauged, On3, Bachmann Heisler Trucks for Sale!

Pair of completed Re-guaged, Bachmann On30 Heisler trucks; now On3.

I recently re-gauged four pairs of Bachmann On30 Heisler trucks to On3 for a couple of customers (one for me, one each for two customers, and one spare). The fourth pair was purchased from Bachmann for extra parts should anything have gone wrong during the re-gauging process. Nothing did go wrong and all four were finished without any problems, leaving me with a spare pair. That pair sold on 9/19/2015.

This custom work has left me with a set of jigs, parts, a CNC milling program, and a process to convert or re-gauge Bachmann’s On30 Heisler trucks to On3. Meaning that I’ll be able to do more conversions in the future, on a time-permitting basis!

The Conversion Process:

For anyone interested in the oddities of Chinese painting techniques, the paint on the wheel faces was weird. The wheel faces were painted white, then the centers were filled-in in black. This was done while fully assembled, meaning the side rods got black paint on them from stray brush strokes.

The trucks are attached to the body via a “snap” pin. They pop off with a small common screw driver pried between the truck and the body. The truck body casting blocks the screw head. (Yes, that is a Heisler after the extra floor was machined off and the end beams narrowed, as per the prototype.)


This can only be done on a “time permitting” basis. Check with me for availability.

Scott Kitts

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