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Important Info!:
We are having difficulty getting rubber for the molds for our polyurethane kits parts that can reproduce parts in a consistent manner. (We think manufacture has moved to China with catastrophic results.) Please contact us as to the availability of our polyurethane kits before ordering. We thank you in advance for your patients.

Welcome to Foothill Model Works’ online structure catalog! To learn more about each of our individual structure kits, click on the links listed below. See our working with polyurethane page to learn more about working with polyurethane. See our painting polyurethane page to learn more about painting polyurethane.

A PDF of our Structure and Rolling Kits, Detail Parts, and Catalog Reprint order sheet can be downloaded here: FMW_OF.pdf.

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous Structure Kits

Swayne Lumber Co. Structure Kits

NCNGRR Structure Kits

West Side Lumber Co. Structure Kits

Important Info!: The old Design-Tech O Scale building kit line (FMW-1601, 1604, 1606, 1612, 1613, & 1625) has been sold and is now available from:
The Cimarron Works
P.O. Box 140219
Edgewater, CO 80214
web site:
Please contact the above manufacturer for pricing and availability.

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